A better control of the nutrition with LogMeal

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Our partner LogMeal cares about the nutrition of our riders. « We are assisted by LogMeal, the best solution for real-time food intake monitoring that uses artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision (CV) and deep learning (DL) », says performance manager Jon Wiggins. « With just a photo, it detects and recognizes foods, dishes and beverages, and provides its nutritional information – 35 micro and macro nutrients indicators. » LogMeal’s goals with this collaboration are to promote healthy nutritional habits that enhance the maximum performance of the riders and to motivate them to take an active role in their health.


Benefits for the riders

LogMeal solution allows cyclists to digitally self-monitor their diet. It stores all registered food intakes as a food diary and classifies them per day and occasion, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Also, it shows all information about the dishes, including ingredients, quantities, and more than 30 micro and macro nutrients indicators.

LogMeal calculates the recommended daily intakes of energy (kcal), carbohydrates (g), proteins (g) and fats (g). Each cyclist can visualize at any time of the day their remaining daily intakes, in other words, how are his/her daily goals going and how far he/she is from reaching them. It also indicates whether the goal has been exceeded.

All this information allows them to analyze their food consumption and adjust it accordin gly. LogMeal provides nutrient indicators information that cyclists have never considered before and which are now key to their sporting performance and endurance. Thanks to LogMeal, cyclists refine their nutritional education exponentially, allowing them to have greater control over how they should fuel themselves at different times of the year, such as during training, pre-season, pre-race, race day, etc., and in turn how to improve and streamline post-exertion recovery.

Nutrition refers to the nutrients in food and the process that occurs in the organism after its ingestion. It is one of the main pillars of our overall health. A well-planned diet has a positive impact on sports performance and helps to recover faster, reducing the risk of injury.

Benefits for Bingoal WB Performance Manager

LogMeal Platform helps Bingoal WB Performance Manager, Jon Wiggins, to know objectively what the cyclists eat anytime, anywhere. “It is a great solution to easily track all cyclists, see the extent of their daily nutritional objectives and be able to set specific goals for them. Also, it allows Jon to view the images and nutritional values of their users’ intakes, make dish recommendations and track their progress.”